Lockdown 4-Many memes on PM Modi

PM Modi is getting ready to address the nation for the fourth time after coronavirus spread its wings across all states. Suspense is building among people and many are tensed as to what bombs Modi will hurl on them.

It is known that on all his previous three addresses PM Modi has given tasks to the people of the nation before extending the lockdown. Many people are under the impression that Modi will extend the lockdown for the fourth time.

People are bracing for Lockdown 4 as there is no sign of coronavirus decreasing. Instead, cases are increasing at a rapid rate and many states suggested PM Modi extend the lockdown. However one can expect few exemptions during the lockdown.

Apart from that PM Modi and the Union Government may step more steps to revive the economy which is in the bad state following Corona Virus. 

In the meantime, many memes are going viral on PM Modi and the impending lockdown 4. It has to be seen how Modi will satisfy everyone with his decision