Mehreen Cancels Her Engagement

Mehreen cancels her engagement

Mehreen Pirzada made an astonishing revelation today. It is very well known that she got engaged to Bhavya Bishnoi from Haryana, a young politician and soon they were to get married.

Mehreen pushed back her marriage with Bishnoi as her whole family got infected by Corona Virus. Because of the ongoing pandemic in the country, she postponed weddings.

Now Mehreen shocked everyone with her post which said,  ” ‘Bhavya Bishnoi and I have decided to break off our engagement and not go ahead with the wedding. It’s a decision that has been taken amicably and in the best interest. With respect in my heart, I would like to say that from now on I have no further association with Bhavya Bishnoi, any of his family members, or friends. This is the only statement I will be making regarding this and I hope that everyone respects my privacy as this is a very private matter. Meanwhile, I will continue to work and am looking forward to giving my best in my future projects and performances”.

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