Corona hanging like a damsel’s sword

Big spike pushes Covid-19 cases in Andhra to 111

India is fighting hard to contain coronavirus and flatten the curve as much as possible to pass through the third and fourth phase with minimum causalities. India managed to keep the COVID 19 positive cases to a minimum and contain the spread with the help of lockdown measures.

India’s current count of COVID 19 stands at 52,952 and the death count stands at 1783. The Union Government headed by PM Modi and the respective state governments are easing the lockdown restrictions to revive the economy which reached the lowest ebb.

Even as people are getting excited and feeling happy, All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) director Randeep Guleria, after analyzing the data released by the experts sounded a warning that the cases would peak in the months of June and July. He, however, added that the exact prediction may not be possible but warned that the cases would reach its peak in June and July and people should be careful about it. It has to be seen how the Government and the people react to this scary news.