NDA Stronghold, Survey Predicts Third Term Victory

As the general elections approach, national parties are gearing up for the political battleground. The opposition has united under the banner of the INDIA alliance, while the ruling BJP aims to fortify the NDA coalition. ABP Media and C Voter recently conducted a survey, which revealed that the majority of Indians continue to support Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi garnered only 18% of the support from those who were asked to choose their preference for the next PM, showing a drop in Rahul Gandhi’s support. Modi won 57% of the votes. The survey also showed that 68% of participants thought the INDIA coalition had a chance of defeating the NDA, 17% thought it may, and 13% were unsure.

Modi’s stature as the best PM of India post independence remains unchallenged, as he secured 47% of the votes in this category. The second position went to Vajpayi with 16% support. These figures suggest a strong likelihood of the NDA retaining power for the third consecutive term.

However, the true sentiment of the public will only be known once the election fervor sets in, and the actual results are declared. As the nation awaits the democratic process, both alliances will continue their efforts to sway voters in their favor and shape the future course of India.