Yellow Media’s conspiracy against YS. Jagan

The mere mention of AP CM YS.Jagan Mohan Reddy is making entire yellow media run for cover. It is trying its best to fix YS. Jagan some how or the other by creating non existing loop holes in his style of functioning. If they couldn’t find out anything, they are trying to create some or the other.

Yellow Media's conspiracy against YS. Jagan
Yellow Media’s conspiracy against YS. Jagan

As a part of this yellow media is going to the extent of putting all the mistakes of their favourite Chandra Babu Naidu in the account of Jagan Mohan Reddy.An example of this is what happened recently. So much so that the High Court on Wednesday in one case passed an order stating that there must be a Leader of the Opposition on the State Security Commission. Yellow media jumped on it and has taken advantage of this and highlighted it immensely. Do you know the coloring given by yellow media to the High Court judgement?

Yellow media have a colouring that some how Jagan became the CM, as if he had removed the Leader of the Opposition Chandrababu Naidu from the commission. Yellow media even ran stories they The High Court, which is hearing the case, had given a stern warning to Jagan to a petition filed by an unknown person . In fact this shows that yellow media twisted the High Court judgment in a way favourable to it but didn’t cite the entire court order.
Yellow media ran stories in top headlines that that there should be a Leader of the Opposition in the State Security Commission. People who read those stories couldn’t make head or tail of it.
The real fact is that Jaganmohan Reddy did not remove Chandra Babu from the State Security Commission after he became the CM. Is was Chandra Babu removed Jagan who was the opposition leader from the commission when he was the CM.

In 2006, the Central Government ordered the establishment of a State Security Commission in each state. Accordingly, it has issued guidelines on how many members the commission should have and who should be appointed. However, in 2018, the Chandrababu government brought in amendments regarding the members of the commission. Accordingly the Leader of the Opposition was removed as a member.That is, according to the amendment orders issued by Chandrababu, the then Leader of the Opposition Jagan lost his seat in the Commission. However, Jagan didn’t make a hue and cry over it.

Yellow Media's conspiracy against YS. Jagan
Yellow Media’s conspiracy against YS. Jagan

The TDP lost badly in the elections that followed. After the YCP government came to power, the orders issued by the then Chandrababu government regarding the members of the State Security Commission are still going on. A lawyer named Thandava Yogendra filed a case challenging this the following February.
The Supreme Court ruling in the State Security Commission also wants the Leader of the Opposition to be in line with the guidelines. The High Court, which heard the case, ordered that the Leader of the Opposition be present in the SSC. It also clarified that orders should be issued within months appointing the Leader of the Opposition as a member.
In fact the orders given by the court were completely contrary to Chandrababu’s decision. Because if a case is filed in the court challenging the decision taken by Chandrababu at that time and the court heard the same and passed the judgment.
There is also an interesting point on this whole. That is, the Chandrababu government issued orders in 2018. However, he filed a case challenging the GO in February 2020. If he really felt that the government is not implementing the Supreme Court guidelines, the petitioner should have file the case in 2018 itself. When he could, he should have done at least when Chandrababu been in power.
Otherwise, what is the point of filing a case now after Chandrababu stepped down from power? The petition raises doubts as to whether it was in favor of Chandrababu. In other words, Chandrababu, who had made the then Leader of the Opposition a non-member of the commission, seems to keen on joining the state election commission as the opposition leader.
If Chandra Babu or TDP leaders files a case on the same subject, his cunningness would have come out. That is why they made unknown person to file a petition . The suspicions are growing as the yellow media has also given color to the High Court passed strictures against the mistake made by the Jagan government.

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