TRS and the Revanth Reddy Phobia!

Known for his firebrand tactics and aggressive campaigning, Revanth Reddy seems to have made his approach successful with one of the key leaders of TRS leaving the party. Initially, when Revanth Reddy said that ‘three TRS leaders will be joining the Congress very soon’, no one gave a thought to it.

But, with the richest lawmaker of Telangana leaving the TRS party…it comes as a serious jolt to KCR and his team.

Vishweswar Reddy, who left TRS represents the Chevella parliamentary constituency and is also the Son-in-law of Pratap Reddy, the founder of Apollo Hospitals. He is the richest politician in Telangana with declared assets of Rs 500 crore.

With Revanth Reddy stating that another two TRS leaders will leave the party by December 7, fear has gripped the party senior leaders. The exit of leaders from the party during the elections will definitely send negative vibes to the public which TRS is not happy with.

In his 3-page resignation letter, Vishweswar Reddy alleged that TRS has lost the traditional principles in the hunt for power. He said that there were several cases where he was treated disrespectfully. “I have been provided with a losing constituency and still I have managed to win. I’ve worked for the development of the people and talked for about 90 times in the parliament. I was successful in bringing AIIMS and other key developments to Telangana. But, the party has lost its principles by awarding key positions to people who worked against the Telangana formation”.

Not only this, Vishweswar Reddy will be joining the Telangana Congress on November 23 in the Presence of Sonia Gandhi. The Congress supremo will be touring the state for the first time after the formation of Telangana. She is expected to address a meeting at Medchal, for which the arrangements are going on under the supervision of Revanth Reddy.

Though Vishweswar Reddy does not have any role to play with the assembly elections, analysts are of the view that his exit from the party will at least influence the votes of a few constituencies…where the presence of Reddy community is high. Let us see how TRS overcomes this.