Rahul says except KCR’s family none matters in T-Govt

Hyderabad:  Amid the speculation that Congress and TDP would join hands in Telangana, Congress president Rahul Gandhi said the GOP is open for alliances with like-minded parties in Telangana to defeat the TRS government led by chief minister KCR.

Interacting with Editors on second day of his stay in Hyderabad, Rahul said he was surprised at the comparison  Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao made between the regimes of Gandhi family and his own family. Reacting on the KCR comments that Rahul’s was making immature comments without knowledge of facts, Rahul added it is KCR who should check the facts first.

Stating that the last time a person from Gandhi family became a Prime Minister was between 1984 and 89, and no one from his family became the Prime Minister later, he said Rao’s comparison was meaningless.

The Congress president denied that Sonia Gandhi as the chairperson of UPA had the remote control and that the Prime Ministers had to act under her guidance. ‘Sonia Gandhi, then AICC president, used to give  direction to the party. Never did she get involved in matters pertaining governance,” he clarified.

Taking dig at KCR, he said in Telangana, entire family was in the government and it was virtually members of KCR’s family who are running the show, rendering all others redundant.