Modi to shock Jagan in his Ilaaka?

Seems PM Modi is set to shock Jagan after going slow when YSRCP came to power iN AP. Inside talk is BJP’s Modi and Amit Shah are planning to target YSRCP’s strong fort Kadapa district to give a shock to Jagan.

Kadapa has been the YSRCP fortress for quite some time and only TDP used to have some presence after YSRCP. Congress party lost its hold on Kadapa after the state bifurcation.

In Kadapa there is an impression that only YSRCP, TDP, and Congress can show their power. But even in the regime of Jagan, things are changing quickly. Modi’s mania is spreading at a rapid pace in Kadapa. Till sometime back Kadapa people never used to know about BJP.

But PM Modi’s influence is spreading across the district and BJP is strengthening in the district. After 2019 many top leaders joined BJP. BJP planned to induct Jagan’s YSRCP leaders into the party but instead, TDP leaders started joining it. Already CM Ramesh, former Minister Adinarayana Reddy joined the party and few more are making plans to join the party. Now people of Kadapa are also discussing Modi’s actions like scrapping of 370, Balakot airstrikes, One Rank One Pension, Triple Talak, and are praising him to the core.

BJP leader from Prodduturu, Satyakumar protege of Vice President Venkaiah Naidu is playing a key role in the inductions. Apart from it, YSRCP leaders who are angry with Jagan’s decisions are looking towards BJP. Sources say they are in touch with CM Ramesh and Adinarayana Reddy and BJP will conduct operation Akarsh in the district to shock Jagan after the lockdown.

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