BJP’s Checkmate Strategy In A Potential Hung Assembly

The Telangana election campaign is coming to an end as polling day approaches, but candidates can still canvass homes to get support. The majority of observers believe that BRS and Congress will win, with BJP likely to finish in third. The interesting aspect will be how many seats BJP manages to secure, as a higher count could lead to a situation where no single party has a clear majority (called a Hung Assembly), especially considering Congress is also anticipating a solid performance.

Telangana’s BJP seems to be eyeing a Hung Assembly, evident from the extensive campaigning efforts. Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself held multiple public meetings and a roadshow, which is a considerable increase compared to their efforts in the 2018 elections.

This time, other prominent figures like Home Minister Amit Shah, UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, and Union Ministers also joined the campaign, highlighting BJP’s strong push to increase its numbers. There’s a strategic angle here: if BJP gains strength, it could diminish Congress’s prospects, as both parties might share the anti-incumbency votes, potentially benefiting BRS.

If a Hung Assembly scenario arises, BJP might emerge as a “Kingmaker,” holding the key to forming a government. This stronger BJP presence could make it harder for Congress because if the choice for BJP is between Congress and BRS in such a scenario, it seems they might lean towards the BRS. The situation of this election in Telangana revolve around the potential outcomes of a Hung Assembly, with BJP aiming to position itself strategically amidst the competition between BRS and Congress.