Kalvakuntla Kavitha trailing by a huge margin, BJP giving a tight fight in North Telangana

In a major setback to TRS, Kalvakuntla Kavitha who won the previous election by a margin of 1,67,184 votes from Nizamabad, is currently trailing by over 30,000 votes against BJP candidate Arvind Dharmapuri.

The Nizamabad constituency has become a major debating point ever since farmers started contesting against the incumbent MP, Kavitha, also the daughter of Chief Minister KCR. Even the political analysts were in a dismay over the unprecedented performance of TRS.

With BJP leading in three Loksabha seats and giving a tight fight in 2 others, it is important to note that the Saffron party has succeeded in creating inroads into Telangana politics. Going by the current trends, with Congress party weakening considerably in Telangana…BJP has become the better alternative to the public.

BJP is trending ahead in North districts of Adilabad and Karimnagar which was something uncommon in the history of Telugu elections. The two districts are dominated by tribal and scheduled caste populations and were known to be patriotic to the regional parties since decades. However, with Congress MLAs defecting to TRS and the incumbent government losing its credibility over a short period of time, people have started voting against the government. “KCR could have focused on the State first instead of flying all over the country to gain momentum for his virtual post-election alliance. And the result is, when he was busy looking at others…some others have created inroads into his strong bases”, survey specialist KK said.

A defeat from Nizamabad would be disheartening for KCR and his policies in the recent times. There is no doubt that his policy of cleaning up the opposition has backfired, leading to BJP’s successful march into Telangana politics. We will have to wait and see what will be the future of Congress in the State with BJP dominating from the other side.

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