Jagan throwing caution to winds

AP CM Jagan Mohan Reddy not taking any precautions regarding COVID is becoming the bone of contention. It is not clear why he is against using a mask to prevent corona spread. Undavalli Arun Kumar during his press meet asked the journalists to question Jagan why he is not using masks.

Recently trainee IAS officers met CM Jagan at the Camp Office and Governor Viswabhooshan Harichandan in RajBhawan. In Rajbhawan everyone followed social distancing and wore masks.

However, when they met AP CM Jagan, there was no social distancing and not even Jagan but also few young IAS did not wear masks. If Jagan is not following the COVID rules, then why will people of the state follow them. What message Jagan is sending to society by not following the norms.

To the top of it, Jagan stared lecturing the IAS officers on honesty and integrity. What is shocking is Jagan who is talking about irregularities in the system is not findingout irregularities and loopholes in self. While Doctors have been relentlessly asking people to use masks and maintain social distancing, Jagan is breaking the same norms.

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