Jagan out to crush KCR?

YSRCP chief Jagan Mohan Reddy and TRS chief KCR share good relations even before Jagan became the CM of AP. During Chandra Babu’s regime, KCR used to have numerous problems as TDP used to give a tough fight to TRS in Telangana. But with Jagan’s YSRCP concentrating only on AP,he feels Jagan is the best bet in AP.

However both the friends may turn foes thanks to the water wars between the two states. Pothireddy Padu irrigation project is becoming the bone of contention between AP and Telangana. KCR made severe comments against Jagan saying while he invited Jagan for dinner, he is now taking daggers out to stab the state of Telangana by snatching their waters.

AP CM Jagan responding to those statements of KCR made light of it saying ‘One need not bother about KCR’s comments.’. Jagan thundered Pothireddypadu is the old project and Telangana project Palamuru is the new one. He even fired on PM Modi’s central government questioning when they have no objection to the projects of Telangana, why should they have objections to projects and Rayalaseema lift irrigation project in AP. Jagan held a high level meet to chart the course of action against Telangana and KCR at the Apex Council’s meeting.

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