Chandra Babu claims credit for COVID vaccine?

It would be great if others recognise our talent and shower praises rather than one goes on boasting about their achievements. But former AP CM, TDP chief Chandra Babu Naidu do not bother about it. At every given opportunity he claims credit for everything.

He claimed credit for developing Hyderabad, bringing IT, bringing Pharma City, and also at times went to the extent of bringing freedom to the country from the Britishers. It is known that recently Bharat Biotec, Hyderabad based company announced that it launched the corona vaccine COVAXIN, and ICMR announced that trails will be starting from July 7th.

In the meantime reports are spreading that Chandra Babu claimed credit for Bharat Biotec developing the corona vaccine and he motivated the company to come with a covid vaccine. Netizens are having a field day and people are making fun of Chandra Babu creating numerous memes.

However, inside talk is Chandra Babu never claimed credit for the same but he called and congratulated the Bharat Biotec management and claimed that due to his hardwork as CM of United Andhra Pradesh,biotec sector developed and Genome Valley became the No 1 in Asia.

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