Mohan Babu as The Villain In Pawan Kalyan’s Movie?

Mohan Babu, the highly acclaimed actor from the Telugu film industry, has been selective in his movie choices in recent years. Following the underwhelming response to his last film, “Son of India.” Mohan Babu, who has played a variety of roles such as the villain, character actor, comedian, and hero, has expressed his willingness to play a negative role in Pawan Kalyan’s film, stating that he admires him greatly. In a recent interview, the veteran actor discussed his political journey, life’s challenges, and films.

Mohan Babu also mentioned that he has differences with Chandra Babu Naidu, but still maintains a good relationship with him and respects him. He further stated that he is not interested in politics anymore and prefers to remain neutral without affiliating himself with any political party. The actor’s upcoming projects include important roles in the films “Agni Nakshatram” and “Shaakunthalam.”