Horoscope Today : Astrological prediction for 18th November 2020, Best day in your married life

November 18, Month of Karthika, Wednesday


Aries: You will earn money today

Your efforts will be recognised at work. You will earn money without any help from others. You will get time after a long time and you will spend it happily. This day will turn out to be one of the most memorable days in your marital life.

Ritual: For betterment in work and business, distribute books, stationery and money at educational institutions.

Today Horoscope
Today’s Horoscope

Taurus: It will be a tedious day

If you had taken a loan from someone, then no matter what, return it. Though it’s a tedious day, health will be fine. New ventures will be attractive. Some of you could spend time reading spiritual books. This will solve a lot of your problems. After many normal days, this day will be a good day with your spouse.

Ritual: For increase in wealth, chant Om 108 times.


Gemini: Ill health will be a thing of the past

You are likely to get financial gifts from your mother’s side. Mother’s brothers or your grandfather will provide financial support. Business travel will be fruitful. Expect some positive developments. You know that your marital life is terribly boring. So, try to infuse some excitement.

Ritual: For smooth life, do Subrahmanya aaradhana.


Cancer: It will be a good day in terms of money

It’s a day to focus on working on your relationships with near and dear ones. You will be financially stable. If you had given loans in the past, you will get back your money. It’s a good day to start work-related connections abroad. Make time for family. In your regular marital life, you will experience something special.

Ritual: For better health, distribute white-coloured sweets to needy, especially young girls.


Leo: Expect a promotion today

Start saving for future. Watch your words. Committed employees can expect a promotion or financial raise. Think twice before travelling. A friend, relative or someone close to you might create problems in your marital life.

Ritual: To stay healthy, do Suryaaradhana.


Virgo: You will be extremely energetic

Stop spending money on smoking and drinking. You will have lots of energy, but work pressure will irritate you. Behave alike with friends and new acquaintances. Look out for new opportunities. Travel will help in future situations. Today is like spring in your marital life.

Ritual: For a safe and secure financial position, do budhaaradhana.


Libra: Work hard today

Don’t be selfish, instead be inclusive. Work hard for your family. Start saving for future. Colleagues will be helpful, be prepared to take chances. Motive those who work under you. After a period of ill feelings, you will spend a good time with your spouse.

Ritual: For stress-free life, distribute food packets to poor women.


Scorpio: An unexpected guest will come home

An unexpected guest will arrive and this will lead to expenses. Your bad habits are likely to make a huge impact on you. New partnerships will work in your favour. Your excitement and creativity will make the day productive. Expect happy moments with your spouse.

Ritual: Do panchamruta abhishekam to Lord Shiva. This will be beneficial to your health.


Sagittarius: Show commitment at work

Don’t save today. It’s a productive and energetic day at work. Show complete commitment. Keep others happy with your happy-go-lucky attitude. Due to help you had extended in the past, you will get praise and recognition. You will spend a good time with your spouse.

Ritual: For good financial developments, do Srilakshmiganapathi aaradhana.


Capricorn: You will make some extra money

It’s the right to increase your revenue or attend interviews. It’s also a good day to focus on health. Think of ways to make some extra income. You will spend time with family members. You will experience joy with your spouse.

Ritual: Do Sriganapathi aaradhana.


Aquarius: Reduce excess spending

Restrict yourself when it comes to spending money. Your personal problems will affect your mental peace. Read something to keep yourself excited. It’s a good time to work on creative projects. There are times you want to be with friends and there are times you want to be lonely. Spend time with yourself. Marital life will feel the best.

Ritual: Stick to the path of dharma for good finances.


Pisces: Save today

You will have an attractive personality today. Save on spending on jewellery and cosmetics. Friends and relatives will drop by to enjoy a jolly evening. If you work, then expect sudden inspection. If you have done mistakes, then you will have to pay for them. Businesspersons will figure out new ways.  Your spouse will plan something special for you and this will keep you in good spirits.

Ritual: For a thriving work life, do Srilakshmi aaradhana.


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