Horoscope Today : Astrological prediction for 16th November 2020, Best day in your married life

November 16, Month of Karthika, Monday


Aries: You will be free of financial problems

This Monday, expect to be free from financial problems. You will attend social gatherings and spend a good time with friends. Today could be a day when you do hi-profile work. Make use of your time, else, you are bound to be left behind in life.

Ritual: For a smooth family life, do Someswaraaradhana.

Today Horoscope
Today’s Horoscope

Taurus: It’s a gainful day

It’s important to have complete clarity on this day as many things depend on your decisions. You will enjoy spending on others. It’s also a good day to revive old friendships and relationships. Expect growth at workplace. You along with your spouse will receive awesome news.

Ritual: For financial growth, do Sivabhishekam with panchamrutam.


Gemini: Expect things to work in your favour

Take the blessings of your elders before leaving home, it will work in your favour. Towards the end of the day, you will have a good time with an old friend. Just like costly possessions, take care to keep your relationship fresh. If you are looking for partnerships, then consider all aspects carefully. It is going to be a playful, happy and cheerful day in your marital life.

Ritual: Help the needy, it will improve your health.


Cancer: You will receive financial gains

Those who are married can expect financial gifts from in-laws. Control your over-bearing persona. If you spend happy things with others, your health will benefit. It’s a right to have new client meetings. Don’t rush to express yourself. It’s going to be a good day as far as marital life is concerned.

Ritual: Stop taking alcohol and eating meat. This will improve happiness in your family.


Leo: You will spend a happy day

Keep your investments and future plans a secret. Your grandchildren will be reason for joy. Your colleagues are likely to show you down. However, it will be a beneficial day for you. You will spend a good day with your spouse.

Ritual: For good financial prospects, do Sivaaradhana.


Virgo: Business will happen in your favour

Thanks to some close relatives, you will do good business. Problems could arise among family members due to financial issues. Don’t hide anything from them. Success will be close to you. Do take care while driving home. Your spouse’s laziness will impact your work and life.

Ritual: For satisfying love life, write Om Somayanamah 108 times.


Libra: You will go out with friends

If you have been trying for loans for a long time, things will work in your favour. Take a break and go out with your friends. If you can show off your skills set at the right place, your public image is bound to improve. Initially, you will be disturbed by the behaviour of your spouse. However, later you will realise it worked in your favour.

Ritual: For good married life, do Srikasivisweswaraswamy aaradhana.


Scorpio: Take care of your health today

Long-term health issues will crop up and you will end up spending money at the hospital. But don’t neglect your social life. Attend parties with your family members. It will relax you and give you clarity. You will be spending a memorable day with your spouse.

Ritual: By doing Sivabhishekam in the house with gangajal, you will experience peace and happiness at home.


Sagittarius: Your wishes will be fulfilled

All blessings you have received so far will work in your favour. Your wishes will be fulfilled and you will get the benefits of all the hard work you had put in, in the past. Some of you might buy jewellery or home appliances. You might feel low due to lack of time for yourself. A good day in marriage.

Ritual: For good health, read Sivakavacham.


Capricorn: You will save today

No matter how financial matters go, at the end of the day, you will end up with profits. You will finish most work in half the time. Make enquiries before getting into any financial dealings. It’s a good day for enjoyment. Your spouse will keep you happy today.

Ritual: For work-related benefits, do Srisubrahmanya Swamy aradhana and regularly read his slokas.


Aquarius: Money will flow to you

A financial dealing will materialise and you can expect cash flowing in. Family members will be reason for trouble, talk to them. If you are engaged, your fiancé will be the reason for your happiness. Don’t gossip, it’s a waste of time. In your mundane family life, today is going to be different. You will experience something special.

Ritual: For good family life, chant Srikalabhairavaashtakam.


Pisces: You will get chances

A financial dealing will ensure cash flow. Do things that will make you popular. You will get work opportunities through women you know. Have a clear thought process on issues, otherwise you will spend your spare time contemplating them. You will spend one of the most memorable evenings with your spouse.

Ritual: For good health, do pradakshinas in pradoshakalam in Siva temple.


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