Who Is Misguiding Venkatesh?

Venkatesh, one of the most respected actors in the Telugu film industry. Has always maintained a clean and family-friendly image throughout his career that spanned nearly four decades. However, his recent appearance in the web series “Rana Naidu” has raised a lot of eyebrows and received negative feedback from the audience. Many are questioning the decision of Venkatesh to act in a series that is not in line with his image.

It is said that Venkatesh was approached by his nephew Rana Daggubati, who played the main lead in the series, and was convinced to play a key role in the show. It is also reported that Suresh Babu, Venkatesh’s brother and a veteran producer, had given his approval to Venkatesh to act in the series, stating that it would bring him closer to the young generation.

However, the series received a lot of negative feedback from the audience, who were disappointed to see Venkatesh in a show that featured a lot of violence, gore, and adult content. Many fans expressed their disappointment on social media, stating that they expected more from an actor of Venkatesh’s stature and that he should have been more selective in choosing his roles.

The question that arises now is who misguided Venkatesh into believing that acting in a web series like “Rana Naidu” would be good for his image. Was it Rana Daggubati, who wanted to rope in his uncle for his show, or was it Suresh Babu, who thought that the series would help Venkatesh connect with the younger audience? Either way, it is clear that the decision has backfired and has not gone down well with the audience.

It is important for actors like Venkatesh to maintain their image and reputation, as they are role models for many people. They should be more selective in choosing their roles and should always be mindful of the kind of content they are associated with. It is also important for producers to be more responsible and considerate while approaching actors for their projects.