Vijay Sethupathi On His Attack At Bengaluru Airport

Vijay Sethupathi is popular as Makkal Selvan and is known for his versatile performances. Vijay Sethupathi and his aide were attacked a few days back at a Benguluru airport, much to all. VIjay Sethupathi speaking to scribes responded on his attack at the Bengaluru airport.

He said  “He was drunk. When people are not in their senses they behave unusually. It is a minor problem. Officials took that man to the police station and it was all sorted out. But you know how it is these days. Every phone user is a filmmaker,” He clarified “No, he was not a fan. He got into an argument with us. The argument continued when we landed.”

Vijay said that he is not used to travel with his security and said  “I only have my best friend with me when I travel and he has been my close friend for 30 years now. Luckily he is my manager also,”