Stars not understanding the gravity of the situation

The situation in Tollywood is grave following the spread of coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent lockdown. Almost all the lives and professions got affected and are facing the brunt of the coronavirus. Under these circumstances and when the entire world is getting ready to live with coronavirus, one cannot expect things to be normal even after the lifting of lockdown.

Though lockdown is getting relaxed bit by bit and governments have given permission for post production activities, the situation is still not conducive for the opening of theatres as the relaxation of lockdown norms is increasing corona virus cases.

The situation in Tollywood is grave and already top producers and exhibitors expressed their helplessness. They also revealed that one can not predict when the situation will comeout of this shock. Though Telanagna and AP governments have given permission to start shootings from June, they are not excited.

They are having their own doubts as to whether actors show interest in coming to the sets. Inside talk is already few heroes and heroines when contacted told t hem bluntly that they will not attend the shoots till coronavirus reduces. This shows the fear coronavirus has in the minds of everyone. Now everyone is wondering whether stars are not understanding the gravity of the situation.