RGV and Babu Gogineni fight it out in public

A few days back, RGV announced a film on Godse and even released a poster that created a lot of controversies. Many had objections about and the main one who is crying foul is a public speaker and Bigg Boss contestant Babu Gogineni.

A furious Babu posted “OUTRAGEOUS POSTER! To morph the pictures of the assassin and the assassinated, and to weld them together for a film is wicked. Even evil. At the very least it shows a lack of respect for human life and gross insensitivity to basic human decencies. Is this a nasty attempt to show that Godse the assassin is half-Gandhi or that Gandhi the victim is half-Godse? I ask that Sri Ram Gopal Varma withdraw this poster and acknowledge a colossal failure of judgment and rectitude.” posted Babu Gogineni on Facebook.

However, RGV did not stay back and responded to the same. “The intention of the morph will be understood in the final film and I am within my rights to exercise my artistic vision like u are in offending God believers. It’s not right on our part to jump the gun even before u see the final product. I suggest u take a chill pill and have a beer. Freedom of speech and expression is intended to be protected from those who get offended. if nobody gets offended you won’t need it.” posted RGV.