KCR out to crush corruption

KCR to crush corruption
KCR to crush corruption

KCR,CM of Telangana seems to have decided to crush corruption. In fact, this work was undertaken when he came to power for the second time.However with employees threatening to go on strike, he put his decision on hold.

One again he started in January this year but Corona attack stalled his plans. But now KCR has started efforts to dust off and bring in the Revenue Act again.

There are about 10 thousand revenue villages in Telangana. The village should have a VRO. But there are 5900 VROs. There are 22 thousand VRAs under them. In the past 8 months alone, more than 25 VROs have taken bribes to the ACB. The corruption of such deviant VROs is bringing a bad name to the government.

KCR is adamant that the system of VROs who become bribe takers and loot coats should be removed. But the law is not shaping up as Revenue officials are acting to water down KCR’s hopes.
KCR, who is bringing in a new revenue law, has decided to eradicate VROs.He planned to shift them to different branches. But collectors and revenue officials say VROs are necessary.

Only one or two collectors supported KCR’s decision. Revenue departments of all states became rampant in corruption. KCR decided to turn all land sales and dealings online and eradicate corruption. It has to be seen how far KCR will be successful in crushing corruption.

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