Jagan missed a golden opportunity

AP CM Jagan according to analysts missed a golden opportunity. It is known that in AP, the government is running the liquor shops. Jagan came to power promising that they would implement a liquor ban in the state. The government claimed that the liquor sales will be reduced considerably and finally the total ban would be imposed.

Jagan’s government got the golden opportunity in the form of Coronavirus and the subsequent lockdown. Had it gone ahead, it would have got a good name that it implemented the election promise within one year.

However, Jagan after the relaxation of lockdown norms opened liquor shops on an emergency basis. From then on coronavirus cases started increasing. Now the state is witnessing a record number of corona positive cases. Analysts are of the opinion that people thronging the wine shops without following safety measures increased the COVID 19 cases.

In some places, few made women stand in queues and started selling liquor illegally. However, the government did not bother about them as it needs revenue out of it. This is not justifiable under any circumstances. Though government officials rubbished those claims, one is not clear why it is not acting tough on the sale of illegal liquor.

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