Balakrishna And Mohan Babu’s Shocking Liqour And Political Talk

Balakrishna is hosting Unstoppable show on Aha and the show got to a sensational start with Collection King Mohan Babu entering as a celebrity guest. During the talk, Balakrishna and Mohan Babu indulged in shocking liquor and political talk that is now going viral on social media.

Mohan Babu on leaving NTR’s TDP made the following startling revelations. He said “”I committed a mistake by leaving NTR and walking behind Chandrababu. Rajinikanth also expressed his disappointment on this. We both met NTR. He was upset. Later Chandrababu committed a mistake in my case. I was the person who was named as a man of discipline by NTR. But Chandrababu (your bava) necked me out saying that I don’t have discipline”,

Then taking about their liquor and drinking habits, Mohan Babu said “My liquor story is an old one. There was a bridge in Kodambakkam, Chennai. The cheap liquor used to be sold under the bridge. I used to go there along with my friend. Of course I can’t reveal his name. We both used to drink 25 paise of liquor each with a pickle as munching. Our lives started like that. By God’s grace I could earn good. Now I am having whisky by saluting royally”. while Balakrishna who have Mansion brand said “Everybody knows about my brand, Mansion House. I have a house. That itself is a big Mansion House. I will have a peg every night. Morning I wake up at 3:30 or 4 AM. I will go to KBR park for walking. If the park gate is not opened, I will jump the wall and walk. I also taught many how to jump the wall”,