Director finds corona cure, will KCR agree

The entire world is getting scared of the deadly coronavirus pandemic as many precious lives are lost and doctors who are trying to find a cure for the virus are finding it difficult to do so.

Even WHO made clear that there is no cure for coronavirus. Under these circumstances, Tollywood director T.Prabhakar of Kishkindhakanda, Batukamma, and Tupaki Ramudu fame, claimed that he found out a cure for corona. T.Prabhakar won Nandi awards for two of his films. 

He wrote a letter to Telangana CM KCR to test his medicine on four patients. He said he will prove the entire world wrong by injecting coronavirus into his lungs and get cured in 10 days. He said his syrup which cures coronavirus is cost-effective and added that one need not spend hundreds of crores of money. the question is will KCR give a green signal to the director’s corona cure.