Music Director Troubling The Producers

There is a prevalent issue in the industry where opportunistic individuals take advantage of producers for their own financial gain. One example is a music director who operates primarily from Chennai, where there is a large pool of talented technicians and singers.

This particular music director is highly sought after for big-budget films, often requiring travel to Hyderabad. The problem arises when the producers end up paying exorbitant amounts for the director’s 5-star accommodation and miscellaneous expenses.

If the music director had established a small, well-equipped studio in Hyderabad, it would significantly reduce costs for the producers who predominantly work with Telugu directors. However, the director is aware that setting up a studio would mean giving up luxurious 5-star accommodations, which they have become accustomed to.

As a result, producers end up with significant expenses, ultimately burning a hole in their pockets.