Revanth Reddy’s Order – First Govt Job For Young Woman

The Congress party is poised to take control in Telangana, with Revanth Reddy slated to become the Chief Minister. Their election promise includes releasing an annual job calendar, with the first job earmarked for a disabled woman. Rajini, a postgraduate from Nampally, Hyderabad, shared her struggle to find employment despite her qualifications.

Revanth Reddy, empathizing with Rajini, assured her that the Congress government would fulfill its commitment. He pledged her the first job, even going as far as issuing a Congress guarantee card in her name. As Revanth Reddy prepares to be sworn in as CM, an invitation has been extended to Rajini to attend the ceremony, raising hopes that she will be offered the promised job shortly thereafter.

This initiative signifies the Congress party’s dedication to addressing unemployment, especially among marginalized groups like the disabled. By making this specific commitment and ensuring Rajini’s attendance at the inauguration, the party aims to demonstrate its seriousness in delivering on their election manifesto.

Rajini’s story resonates with many others facing similar employment challenges, underscoring the importance of targeted initiatives to support disadvantaged individuals in accessing job opportunities. The assurance given by Revanth Reddy not only reflects the party’s commitment to fulfilling promises but also serves as a beacon of hope for marginalized sections of society.