Lakshminarayana’s Dilemma, Politics Without A Party?

Lakshminarayana, a former top cop and ex-CBI official known for handling high-profile corruption cases, shifted gears by entering politics before the 2019 elections. Despite a strong start, contesting on a Jana Sena ticket and gaining significant votes in Visakhapatnam, his political journey has hit rough patches.

Currently, he remains active in Vizag but faces uncertainty about his political future. He desires to contest from Vizag again but struggles to align with any specific party. Although he leans towards the BJP due to ideological closeness, his disagreement with the party over the Vizag steel plant issue seems to have closed doors for him there.

Rumors suggested he might join the YSRCP, but those prospects fell through as the party already has a sitting MP for Vizag. Likewise, the TDP seems to have its own candidates lined up, leaving Lakshminarayana with limited options despite his untainted reputation and integrity.

As the 2024 elections approach, his next moves remain uncertain. He finds himself in a dilemma, without a clear party affiliation or candidacy. Observers eagerly anticipate how Lakshminarayana navigates these challenges and where he ultimately aligns himself in pursuit of his political aspirations.