Kavitha’s ED Summons: The KCR Connection And Legal Dilemma?

MLC Kalvakuntla Kavitha finds herself entangled once again in the Delhi liquor policy scam as the Enforcement Directorate (ED) has served her with fresh notices. She is now obliged to appear at the ED office in Delhi, intensifying the ongoing investigation.

In response, Kavitha is anticipated to make her way to Pragati Bhavan soon to confer with Chief Minister KCR, charting out the strategy for her legal predicament. She is already deep in discussions with her legal counsel. Speculations are rife that Kavitha will heavily rely on Chief Minister KCR’s counsel in shaping her next moves to navigate this complex case.

This development marks the fourth time that investigating agencies have summoned MLC Kavitha for questioning. Recently, she knocked on the doors of the Supreme Court, petitioning to quash the ED’s summons in connection to the liquor scam. Her plea seeks the Supreme Court’s intervention to restrain the ED from taking any adverse action against her.

It’s interesting to note that the Supreme Court will discuss Kavitha’s plea today. AAP politician and former Deputy CM Manish Sisodia is embroiled in the Delhi liquor scam, and his bail hearing has been postponed, adding even another level of complexity to the unfolding judicial drama.