Clarity From Lokesh: Pawan Kalyan’s Role In AP Government?

In the run up to the elections in Andhra Pradesh, the TDP and Jana Sena Party are busy planning their strategies. Their main focus is on creating a shared plan and deciding who will run for Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA) seats. People are eager to know what roles these parties might have in the government if their alliance wins.

Recently, Nara Lokesh clarified that Chandra Babu Naidu will be the chief minister if their alliance secures victory, with Pawan Kalyan’s approval. However, when asked about the possibility of Pawan Kalyan becoming the deputy CM, Lokesh mentioned that the decision on this position will involve both parties’ leadership—Chandra Babu, his team, and Pawan Kalyan and his team.

While Chandra Babu’s role as CM seems almost certain in the alliance government, the decision about the deputy CM post appears open. Logically, it might lean towards being offered to the Jana Sena Party as a part of the partnership. The decision-making process involving both TDP and JSP is
anticipated to be intriguing, yet the primary goal remains winning the elections.

Ultimately, the alliance’s initial priority is to secure victory at the polls. The allocation of government positions will depend on discussions and negotiations between the parties involved, ensuring a balanced and cooperative governance approach if they come to power.