Alla Ramakrishna Reddy’s Stand Against YCP And Jagan’s Government

Alla Ramakrishna Reddy made headlines during the previous AP election when he defeated Lokesh Nara in Mangalagiri. However, his time in the YCP was marked by internal dissatisfaction. Despite defeating Lokesh, he felt sidelined within the party and eventually parted ways with the YSRC.

Recently, speaking to the media, Reddy expressed feeling mistreated within the YCP. He accused Chief Minister Jagan of not supporting the development of Mangalagiri. Reddy also stated his intention to pursue legal action against Chandra Babu in the inner ring road case.

Interestingly, he hinted at the possibility of taking legal action against Jagan’s government if necessary in the future. Reddy confirmed his willingness to align with YS Sharmila if she were to join the AP Congress. He criticized the YCP for bringing his rival, Ganji Chiranjeevi, into the party, which indirectly led to his exit.

RK Reddy demanded Jagan clarify to the public why he was ousted from the YCP. Reddy alleged that Jagan had promised Rs 1200 crore for Mangalagiri’s development in 2019 but only allocated Rs 120 crore over the past 5 years. He firmly expressed his support for joining Sharmila in Congress.