Will Jr NTR fans damage TDP prospects ?


Ever since immemorial, wars have been fought more in the palaces than on the battlefield. Even in modern times, this is no different. In contemporary politics,  Nandamuri and Nara families have played a significantt role in Telugu politics for the last 40 years. Along with the power, the families have seen bitter rivalry among their members.

Chandra Babu took over the party reins from NTR in 1995. Chandra Babu’s supporters call it a necessary evil to protect the party from Lakshmi Parvathi. On the other hand, Chandra babu’s detractors call it backstabbing or a coup.

While this is from yesteryears, currently there is a section in TDP which wants Jr NTR to take over the TDP. They believe Lokesh, son of Chandra Babu Naidu is no match to YS Jagan and wants charismatic Jr NTR to become active in politics and save TDP.

In this backdrop, the outspoken supporters of Jr NTR, mainly the cine fans of the hero are raising their voice in the social media. Constantly there is war of words between Lokesh supporters and NTR fans on social platforms. The fans beleive if Chandra Babu makes it to the CM post in 2024, it is going to be end of te road for NTR in politics.

If TDP loses 2024 elections to YS Jagan, fans believe TDP has no option but to look up to JR NTR. If this belief grows stronger, the fans may not think twice about damaging the prospects of the TDP and paving way for their hero into TDP leadership.