Why Revanth Reddy is the only deserving candidate for PCC post?

Despite the concerns about the party situation since a long time, the current political developments in Telangana have raised serious concerns in the Congress party and left it hopeless for the future of the party. Group politics in the party is on the rise and the party is being put in danger in order to impede the growth of one another. with the results of the Dubbaka by-election, the Congress has a better understanding of the real situation. 

People like Revanth Reddy, who joined the Congress from the TDP are always provoking the party leaders by highlighting public issues. Even after being sent to jail due to government harassment his fight is unstoppable. The quest to bring the party to power is increasingly visible. It seems that the idea of ​​tying the PCC presidency to Revanth for such reasons seems to have been dominated by the party  elders. 

In addition to being obstructed by senior party leaders, he has been reluctant to give warnings to his superiors in this regard. However, due to such allegations, the party is in danger of losing its presence and it seems that it is making arrangements to replace the PCC president very soon as part of mitigation measures. In addition, with many enthusiastic leaders in the party trying to move into the BJP, it seems that the supremacy is poised to further act on Revanth. 

An announcement is likely to be made in a few days. With Revanth being made the PCC president, the party seems to be of the view that the Congress situation will improve compared to the past.