The best mobile phones for you in 2020

best mobile phones 2020

Many top mobile companies are luring people with offers introducing new mobile phones day in and day out and people get confused on how to pick the best out of it.

best mobile phones 2020

Here are the best mobile phones for you in 2020. People get confused on how to select the best in this smart phone generation and dominated world. 4 G LTE networks are scoring over home internet and 5G is taking its place. There are virtual careers like Ting, Google fi etc.

Here are the best phones not based on the price and the brand but based on the technology embedded in it. Here are the brands and people can pick any one of it based on their budget. LG G8 ThinQ 128GB Unlocked Phone,Motorola One Action 128GB Unlocked Phone, Samsung A71 5G Unlocked 6.7-Inch 128GB Smartphone With Samsung Galaxy Buds,Samsung Galaxy A51 128GB Unlocked Phone.

All of t hem got the readers choice awards and they offer the best data coverage.Though 5G arrived in 2019, and lot of mobile phones are available, things will not change quickly. So one need not get attracted to 5G. The best affordable phones include
Apple iPhone SE (2020),
Samsung Galaxy S10e,
Samsung Galaxy S20+,
Alcatel Go Flip 3,
Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra,
OnePlus 8 Pro,
Google Pixel 4a,
Apple iPhone 11 Pro, 5G
OnePlus 8,Life
Motorola Moto G Power,
Motorola Moto etc.