TDP’s Strong young leader , ex minister jumps to YSRCP ?

kidarisravankumar chandra babu

Will former minister and TDP youth leader Kidari Sravankumar also walk the path of the ruling party? Is he getting off the cycle too soon? That is .. TDP leaders are saying the same thing. In fact, a lot of news and comments like this. Though nothing can be believed going by social media, it is surprising to hear this word from the mouths of TDP leaders themselves.

His father Kidaru Sarveshwara Rao won the YSRCP ticket in 2014 from Araku Valley Assembly constituency. Kidari Sarveshwara Rao, who entered politics as a follower of former minister Konatala Ramakrishna, became an MLA from the Congress and later an MLA from the YCP. However, by 2016, he had joined the TDP. He hoped to get a ministerial post in the tribal quota. Chandrababu also gave the same assurance to him at that time.

It was in this context that the Maoists gunned him, and then exceptionally his eldest son, Kidari Shravan, entered politics, becoming the first minister in state history as a leader with no representation just six months before the election.
Kidari Shravan also had to resign as minister after completing his six-month term. However, Kidari Shravan lost last year’s elections and he couldn’t recover the deposit.He has not even been active in the party since then. Chandra Babu has been promising to rope in young blood but he didnot act on it. If the capital is made in Visakhapatnam, the party environment will become more chaotic. YSRCP is gaining more ground.

kidarisravankumar chandra babu

YCP leaders, who are already targeting Visakhapatnam district, have launched an operation to lure any TDP leader into their party. The list goes on and on, from big leaders like Ganta to small leaders. It is in this context that the YSSAR CP leaders are holding talks with Kidari Shravan and promising bright future.

They promised government’s willingness to give a good posting to Kidari’s brother, who is also the Deputy Collector in the government. TDP leaders told Chandrababu that Kidari Shravan is attracted with this offer.

YSRCP is planning to wipe out TDP by luring in former ministers and other leaders on the pretext of capital in Visakhapatnam and other attractive offers. The question is why is Chandra Babu silent when When the district TDP leaders told Chandrababu about Kidari Shravan changing the party.