TDP out to stall Vizag as a capital

Y S Jagan and Chandra Babu

Ever since AP CM Jagan announced his government decision about the formation of three capitals, TDP started protesting in Amaravathi stating that the farmers who parted their lands would suffer huge losses.

However, Jagan is going ahead with the formation of three capitals at Visakhapatnam and Kurnool including Amaravathi. Even as Jagan is proceeding ahead with the formation of capital in Vizag, reports are coming that Chandra Babu’s TDP is going all out to stall his efforts.

It is known that Vizag witnessed two gas leaks in the form of LG Polymers and in a pharma company. These two gas leaks resulted in the deaths of 14 people. TDP is citing them as a reason and is mounting pressure on Jagan sating that a capital city cannot witness gas leaks twice in each month. They also cite that Vizag is prone to cyclones, tsunamis, etc. It has to be seen how Jagan will counter their argument.