Trinamool to gain most after Nandigram incident

Trinamool to gain most after Nandigram incident

New Delhi: Trinamool Congress is the biggest beneficiary of the Nandigram incident where West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee claimed she was attacked as part of a conspiracy.

As per the IANS C Voter poll after the incident, 44.1 percent of respondents said that Trinamool will be benefitted most after the Nandigram incident.

While 34.1 percent of the respondents said the BJP will benefit and 12.2 percent said the Left-Congress will gain after the incident.

A similar number of respondents at 44.2 percent said that Mamata Banerjee’s claim is right. She claimed that she was attacked and it was a conspiracy.

The Opposition parties have refuted her claims and said she was trying to gain sympathy. On being asked in the poll “whose claim is correct”, 39.2 percent of respondents said that the opposition’s claim is correct.

However, the BJP’s demand for a CBI probe of the Nandigram incident has found resonance with 49.2 percent saying ‘yes’ while 29.2 percent not agreeing.

Among the opposition, it is interesting to note that 53.6 percent of Congress supporters say that Trinamool will gain after the incident, followed by 28 percent of the Left and 22.2 percent of BJP supporters. Sixty-seven percent of Trinamool supporters also say their party will benefit.

While 23.2 percent of Congress supporters say BJP will gain, followed by 21.5 percent of Left and 14.1 percent supporters of the Trinamool. A 59.3 percent of BJP supporters say the saffron party will benefit.


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