Who will knock down KCR?

Telangana CM KCR is going great guns showing his power crushing his opponents with his political strategies and also in the election battle field.

Political analysts and even his close aides know that KCR is not above all and he is also making numerous mistakes during his role. However no one is daring to question him. This includes even the media for the fear of facing his fury.

Under these circumstances, people are wondering who can crush and knock down KCR. There are only two fire brand leaders at present and one is Congress leader Revanth Reddy and BJP leader Kishan Reddy. Both are extremely aggressive and has the fire power to launch blistering attacks on KCR.

Revanth Reddy for long has been trying to corner KCR trying to expose his and his family members’ corruption and also his mishandling of coronavirus cases. The same is the case with Kishan Reddy. However while his own party leaders are not allowing Revanth Reddy to wage the full battle for the fear of losing their political identity, Kishan Reddy’s High Command is speaking in double standards, one time praising KCR and another time attacking them.

Analysts feel if the parties change their style of functioning and give leaders like Revanth Reddy and Kishan Reddy full power, they can knockdown KCR.

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