Who is shocking whom-KCR or Jagan

Waterwars between AP and Telangana is intensifying and tensions are brewing between both the states with both the CMs KCR and Jagan Mohan Reddy not budging even an inch from their respective positions.

Under these circumstances, people are wondering who is shocking whom. It is known that everything started when Jagan’s AP government passed a GO to lift 3 TMCs water from Pothireddypadu to the Rayalaseema region.

Telangana CM KCR got serious and complained against the AP government to the Krishna Board. But with the board delaying its decision, KCR now decided to shock Jagan by constructing another lift irrigation reservoir on the top of Jurala project. He already directed officials to come with a reservoir with a capacity of 15-20 TMCs water. KCR through this project intends to divert water to Mahaboob Nagar district with is a drought-affected region.

Now Jagan is planning to go to Krishna Tribunal board against KCR’s decision to come with projects on the Telangana side. In the process, the question is who is shocking who KCR or Jagan?