Revanth Reddy failing to galvanise

Revanth Reddy is hailed for his aggressive nature and daredevilry approach. During the first tenure of KCR as the Chief Minister right after the formation of Telangana, he used to go hammer and tongs on KCR and his family members KTR,Kavitha, and Harish Rao.

He used to hog the media limelight as only he used to raise his voice while other leaders used to remain silent for the fear of backlash. But everything changed due to note for vote scandal.

He joined Congress before the 2019 elections and tried to revive the Congress party. Despite his aggression he failed to galvanise the Congress due to various groups and subgroups at the national and regional levels.

Revanth now planned to corner KCR over Krishna water controversy. Revanth tried to hog the media limelight by attacking KCR but with Congress leaders not cooperating, Revanth is fighting a losing battle. When will Revanth Reddy regain his lost political fort?