Revanth Reddy exposing KCR

Revanth Reddy’s rivalry with KCR and his family members Kavitha,KTR, and Harish Rao has been going on for decades. He is now trying to expose KCR with his sensational posts on the Kondapochamma project inaugurated by KCR.

He is trying to expose the irregularities in the project with a series of posts on social media. Yesterday .. today he took photos and posted on Twitter about the plight of the Konda Pochamma Sagar project started by CM KCR himself. Similarly, posting a video on Twitter saying that Kondapochamma is a corrupt police patrol has become a topic of discussion.

Due to the recent rains, the ponds lakes of the Kondapochamma project have been flooded. As a result, CM KCR also went there and reviewed the situation and ordered the authorities to take appropriate action. Recently, however, the bridge leading to the reservoir gates collapsed. With this, Revanth Reddy is once again posting a series of tweets on the plight of Konda Pochamma.

He alleged that the pathetic situation is due to a Minister from AP. He posted ‘Kondapochamma stories .. Corruption landmarks in Kondapochamma Sagar started with KCR’s own hands are endless .. Yesterday the embankment was flooded and the bridge leading to the reservoir gates collapsed .. An attempt was made to cover the management of the AP Minister Company with a police patrol. Shame Shame ”

Revanth alleged that police were patrolling Kondapochamma without the knowledge of the public.