Ramulamma demanding Minister post!

A news is going viral that MP Vijayashanthi is changing the party. Discussions are going on outside to which party will Vijaya Shanti move to. T-Congress leaders, on the other hand, say there is no chance of Vijaya Shanti switching parties, but reports suggest that to face TRS in the opposition it is better she move to BJP.  

News is coming in that Vijaya Shanti is ready to move into the Lotus Party, especially with the BJP winning the Dubbaka by-election, with some stipulations in this regard. BJP state president Bandi Sanjay has been urging the party to not only guarantee a ticket for the party in the forthcoming general elections but also give him a ministerial post if he comes to power. 

Talk is that Ramulamma is sure that BJP will win in the upcoming general elections. A clear statement on the same is expected soon. On the other hand, to ensure Vijayashanthi does not leave the Congress Party MP Revanth Reddy is running a behind-the-scenes story. News is coming in that the High Command is planning to give full dominance to Revanth Reddy after the Dubbaka by-election results. With this, Revanth Reddy is already taking care that the key leaders in the Congress party do not jump into the other party With this, there is talk in the T-Congress that Ramulamma’s party is holding talks ensuring she doesn’t switch the party.