Osmania scares Bihar

The recent heavy rains in Hyderabad resulted in rainwater and drainage water enter into Osmania Hospital troubling the patients. The photos of dirty and rainwater inside the hospital wards went viral on social media. Netizens started blasting the CM KCR led Telangana government’s failure over the entire issue.

The photos went viral across the nation and reached even Bihar. A person from Bihar tagged the photo to Union Home Minister Amit Shah and said the flood situation in Bihar is very dangerous and corona patients are dying due to it.

National media got alert and found out that just like in Telangana, Bihar witnessed heavy rains and floods. Coronavirus is increasing in Bihar and during that time the person mistook Osmania dirty water as from one of the hospitals in Bihar and tagged the same to Home Minister Amit Shah. With Amit Shah clarifying that the photo was from Osmania hospital in Hyderabad, the person deleted his post.

Thus Osmania Hospital’s pathetic condition scared even Biharis and resulted in a person tagging the same to the Union Home Minister Amit Shah.

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