KTR vs Revanth-Who is the future CM?

ktr revanth reddy

Intense discussion is going on as to who among KTR and Revanth Reddy will become the future CM of Telangana. Politics is never the same. One cannot expect parties to come to power in all the elections.

ktr revanth reddy

Madhya Pradesh CM Shivraj Singh has proved to be a good administrator. So he came to power for the record three times. However, people did not elect him for the fourth time. Thus any political party has a validity of at least five years.

Now people loved KCR and voted him to be the CM for the second time. But he will face anti-incumbency next time. So there will be tough competition in the 2024 elections.

Therefore, the leaders are proposing the name of KTR to replace KCR as the future CM. However, young leader Revanth Reddy is also looming in Congress. News is coming in that the Congress High Command is ready to make him the PCC chief. If the same happens, Revanth Reddy will be the CM candidate for the Congress.

It can be said that the chair of Telangana CM is swaying between two young leaders KTR and Rewanth Reddy in this order. And the question of who the future CM will be is of interest to everyone.

Now a poll conducted shows 55.74% of people preferred KTR as the future CM and 44.26% of people preferred Revanth Reddy as the future CM.