KTR gives corona scare

The entire world is experiencing coronavirus scare and even small acts of people and especially those in power are keenly observed and scrutinized. In the midst of all this, Telangana CM KCR’s son, IT Minister KTR gave corona scare to everyone around him.

It is known that KTR is dynamic and active not only on social media but in real life. He is taking steps to revive the economy of the state during the corona crisis. He visited his own constituency Sirisilla and inaugurated textile works in Baddelapalli in the Tagallapalli area.

While everyone started hailing KTR’s initiative, people got scared as he started sneezing numerous times and was seen using a handkerchief to wipe his nose.

KTR’s acts worried all those surrounding him and people started criticizing him on social media for his careless and negligent acts. But KTR after the completion of the program rubbished rumors on his health saying he is hale and healthy and does not have any coronavirus.