KCR’s magic wand killing corona?

Hyderabad: Entire world is experiencing the scares of the deadly corona virus pandemic as it is knocking down many people with each passing day. Even with the strict implementation  of the lockdown in India, many states are witnessing increase in people testing positive for the deadly virus.

In the midst of all this, shocking reports are coming from the Telangana government headed by CM KCR. While at the start of the lockdown, Telangana witnessed surge in cases and stood at the fourth in the list of states affected by corona, surprisingly during the third lockdown, the state is witnessing only rise in cases in single and double digits.

Common people are under the impression that CM KCR is controlling corona effectively and efficiently. But shocking allegations are coming that KCR is misleading everyone by reporting  less number of cases. The Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR) found out that Telangana carried out only 4000 plus tests between 19-26 April and this number camedown drastically to just over 2000 between 27-30 April.

Many people KCR is playing with the lives of the people when his government has taken a shocking decision not to test anyone  with out covid 19 symptoms and also the secondary contacts. KCR is going against the advices of various renowned doctors who are of the opinion that KCR is playing with corona fire.