KCR’s Farmhouse secrets to get exposed

Telangana CM KCR is known for his surprising actions. His farmhouse on the outskirts of Hyderabad attracts the attention of all. Though many negative reports came on this farmhouse and many accused him of boozing and sleeping all the time in the farmhouse, KCR did not bother but instead blasted them in an even more powerful manner.

Only KCR’s closest of the close has access to enter into KCR’s farmhouse. However, sources say KCR’s agriculture lands surrounding the farmhouse is open to all. KCR himself revealed that anyone can visit the place and it is free for all. This because KCR practices innovative methods in agriculture and caught the imagination of the entire nation by growing various crops which gave record yield.

It is known that KCR recently passed an order that the farmers in the state should raise only the crops suggested by the Telangana government to avail of the subsidy and other benefits. He said those who do not follow this order wouldn’t get the subsidies.

KCR said if farmers raise crops that are in demand everyone can prosper. he said in his farmhouse in Erravelli, he will come with a Rythu Vedika with his own expenses and all the ministers taking it as inspiration should come with Rythu Vedikas bearing the expenses from their pocket.