KCR: TS Govt failed its people?

Telangana CM KCR is known for his aggressive talk and powerful actions. He with his ruthless attitude crushed the opposition in the election battlefields. KCR and his party TRS won the elections getting resounding mandate.

During the start of the lockdown, KCR won the appreciation of all by talking tough. People appreciated his efforts in controlling the pandemic with his strict actions. Many felt he acted even tougher than PM Modi.

However, within two months things changed drastically and corona positive cases started increasing in Telangana and especially in Hyderabad. KCR’s government faced accusations of conducting a lesser number of tests compared to other states in the country and the latest survey exposed KCR’s doublespeak. The survey ranked KCR at the bottom of the best performing CMs shocking the Telangana people.

In the midst of all this, netizens started knocking down KCR exposing his actions and inactions. They started trending the #TsGovtFailedItsPeople. With KCR getting exposed from all quarters, it has to be seen how he will retrieve the situation.

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