KCR readies for war against Jagan

In 2014 when KCR became Telangana CM and Chandra Babu became Andhra Pradesh CM, tempers ran high between both of them. This resulted in clashes between the officials of the two states. With powerful words coming out from Chandra Babu and KCR, sparks flew high even among the ministers and this resulted in disputes and fistfights at the Andhra -Telangana border.

When Jagan Mohan Reddy and KCR became the CMs of AP and Telangana, many felt that both the states will have cordial relations. Their bonhomie was there for everyone to see and both were seen smiling and hugging each other.

But now it seems their honeymoon is ending and KCR is readying for a full-fledged war against Jagan Mohan Reddy. KCR expressed his anger at Jagan sarkar releasing a GO to lift 3 TMCs extra water with a new project which results in the doubling of capacity of Pothireddypadu head regulator in the lift irrigation to divert excess water to Rayalaseema from the Srisailam project.

Opposition parties in Telangana already started attacking KCR for being soft on Jagan and this is forcing KCR to go hammer and tongs on Jagan. Jagan’s decision will leave many regions, especially the Mahabubnagar district without water in Telangana. Apart from it, Palamuru people will not get water for their lands if Srisailam dam never gets full of the diversion on the AP side.

KCR fired on the AP government saying that the GO is against the ap reorganization act 2014 and added that he would take legal action against the project. He also decided to file a complaint with the Krishna Water Management Board as the AP government took a unilateral decision without consulting Telangana.