KCR readies for the powerful second show

Telangana CM KCR’s press meets became popular across the nation. Irrespective of what he says and whether there is truth or not in his statements, people listen to him intently as he is known for his powerful punches.

KCR is readying for his powerful second show today to review lockdown 4 steps. He meets his cabinet at 5PM evening. Unlike other CMs who conduct cabinet meets morning 10 or 11 AM, KCR starts in the evening and goes for 4 hours or so.

He is then used to hold press conferences for more than one hour. He issues statements as if he has taken all decisions rather than telling that it was his cabinet decisions. But KCR puts forward all his views and ideas and gets the views of his ministers. That is the reason why his cabinet meets go on for hours.

KCR’s press meet may start at 10 PM as though it is a second show. People of Telugu states show immense interest to hear with KCR says. All eyes are on what KCR shows in his second show.