KCR in for a shock in Dubbaka?


Dubbaka by elections in the state of Telangana according to poll analysts may decide the future politics. People are wondering whether Telangana CM KCR and his TRS party may get a shock in Dubbaka. Assembly elections in Telangana are still three years away. In those coming elections, it is yet to be seen whether the contest will be a triangular contest or a two-way contest.

kCR in for a shock in Dubbaka

Though TRS is in power, they have less number of contenders for the party chief post. Where as the Congress has many contenders and infighting is going on even as Dubbaka by elections are fast approaching. TRS and Congress are strong in Dubbaka compared to BJP. But things are fast changing.

Why so much interest in Dubbaka

Normally this is just a contest for an assembly. If not, it’s a sign of things to come. If the Congress does not reach at least the second position here, it will have to wrap up in Telangana. But now Dubbaka is on the political radar of Telangana.

If Congress doesn’t give a tough fight and atleast come second to TRS , then Congress will be wiped out of Telangana. Already BJP gave a shock to Congress on the Lok Sabha and municipal elections. It won for MP seats shocking even the seasoned political analysts.

So far, however, the BJP has made its mark in northern Telangana and the city of Hyderabad.Medak is located at the end of northern Telangana and these are the strongholds of KCR and Harish Rao. Siddipet and Gajwel constituencies are adjacent. If TRS loses here, it is a loss of face for KCR and Harish Rao. So all the parties have taken the elections as the prestige issue.

If Congress loses, people don’t consider it as an opposition for the TRS and it will also affect it’s performance in the upcoming GHMC elections and may even lose deposits. Congress candidate Cheraku Srinivasa Reddy’s father Muthyam Reddy had been a four time MLA.

Dubbaka has never been a strong position for the BJP. However, Raghunandan Rao started the campaign earlier than everyone else. He visited every single village and as he is inherently a good orator, he is attracting the people. Being an advocate and BJP official spokesperson, he is reaching out to all people and is becoming the strongest candidate. He is also gaining sympathy as he lost the last elections.

Since, Raghunandan Rao started campaigning early, signals are out that he is the strongest and that is the reason why KCR and Harish Rao are targeting him. Generally, candidate who gets caught with huge amount of cash will lose people’s confidence. But in Raghunandan Rao’s case, there is no such thing.

People are aware of how KCR fixed Revanth Reddy and Uttam Kumar Reddy earlier. Unlike the Congress which failed to predict KCR’s wily moves, BJP quickly checkmated him.

How to view Dubbaka result

If TRS wins and Congress Congress second, both will be happy or else it will be disastrous for both the parties. BJP had nothing to lose.

If TRS wins and BJP comes second, then it will be a big moral booster for it. All KCR’s opponents will join with the BJP and the situation in Telangana may be similar to West Bengal. GHMC elections then will give sleepless nights to KCR and while BJP will view them as the stepping stones to take the Telangana crown.